Creative Director

12 years+ experience. Mezan Studios Founder. I love crafting worlds out of thin air and am passionate about games. Investments and startup background.

Tony Davis

Head of Studio

24 years experience creating AAA PC, console and mobile games. I enjoy coding almost as much as creating art and managing projects.

Nabeel Shariff


I am devoted to constructing game levels with small details. Known as the Bob the Builder of level design. I love all genres of games and am tech savvy, enjoy challenges and learning.

Mohammed Idris


Game development is my passion. I love spending hours trying to solve a programming problem and the eureka moment where everything clicks.

Zaki Muhammed

Tech Artist

I never want to be limited to a box, so I keep exploring different areas and types of art. I love sculpting, texturing and rigging characters.

Guillaume Rouseré

Sound Designer

I work on all things audio, from installation and movies to interactive media arts. I'm driven by creating immersive environments that plunge the audience into emotional narratives.

Xingyu Qin

Narrative Designer

I am passionate about storytelling ranging from plays, films, to games. I'm devoted to exploring cross-cultural and cross-media stories.

Aboodi Taha

Game Designer

I am a game designer alchemist who breathes life into pixels and code, and am known for my multi-disciplinary artistic and technical practice. My background is in art, programming, animation, architecture and filmmaking.

Martin Pique

Lead Artist

Visual storytelling to communicate an idea, an emotion or a message is a key interest of mine. As lead artist on Nightscape, I create and supervise the visual language of the game, from environments to characters.

Simon Engler


I have mastered the art of whipping up musical masterpieces, faster than you can say "deoxyribonucleic acid".
When I'm not composing beautiful music, I may be busy programming or exploring new levels of inspiration.

Sumam Azzam


Creating art challenges my visual and critical thinking skills. Pop culture that includes video games and films have always influenced my art.