We love making games. We love the Middle East.

About Us

Mezan Studios is a digital entertainment company focused on producing stellar video games. A platform and a voice for aspiring game developers from the MENA region.

We’re a small passionate team based in Doha, Qatar with global ambitions!

We’re currently working on Nightscape (follow us on Twitter @playNightscape) - an atmospheric adventure game inspired by ancient Arabian astronomy.

We Build Global Bridges

Our Mission

To create fun and meaningful video games inspired by the Middle East.

Pitch Us Your Game

Are you located in the region and building a video game? Contact Us and let us know how we can help!

Meet The Team


Creative Director

12 years+ experience. Mezan Studios Founder. Loves crafting worlds out of thin air. Passionate about games. Investments and startup background.

Tony Davis

Lead Producer

20 years experience creating AAA PC, console and mobile games. Loves coding almost as much as creating art and project management.

Mohammed Idris


Game development is my passion. I love spending hours trying to solve a programming problem and the eureka moment where everything clicks.

Nabeel Shariff


Devoted to constructing game/levels with small details. Known as the Bob the Builder of level design. Loves all genres of games and is tech savvy. Enjoys challenges and learning.

Sumam Azzam


Creating art challenges my visual and critical thinking skills. Pop culture that includes video games and films have always influenced my art.